How to Achieve Scalable Production of Gene Therapy Vectors

Interview with Dr. Nicole Faust, CEO & CSO, CEVEC – March 5, 2018

Progress in gene therapy-based treatments for more common indications, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Rheumatoid Arthritis means that gene therapy vectors will have to be produced on a much larger scale in future. To date, the amount of material that can be manufactured suits phase I or phase II clinical trials.

However, the problem arises as soon as trials reach phase III or when therapies hit the market. Current gene therapy vector manufacturing methods are just not made for a large scale production, which can cover the demand. This production gap is one of the greatest challenges that industry experts are facing in the field.

We have caught up with Dr. Nicole Faust, CEO and CSO of the biotech company CEVEC, which focuses on the development of manufacturing platforms for the creation of proteins previously out of reach and the scalable production of viral vectors. Nicole and her team have taken it upon themselves to address the issue of upscaling, by creating cell lines that can be grown in suspension in bioreactors of increasing capacity.