The ELEVECTA™ Producer Cell Lines are custom-made for your specific AAV vector by stably incorporating the sequences of the serotype-specific capsid and the gene of interest into the genome of the cell. It is the perfect cell line for reliable AAV production in suspension bioreactors at all scales and formats. Available as research cell bank or, optionally, as fully tested GMP Master Cell Bank for the manufacturing of clinical and commercial material.

All Producer Cell Lines are derived from the monoclonal ELEVECTA™ Alpha Cell Line which provides helper functions, replicase and further genetic elements necessary to generate stable ELEVECTA™ Producer Cell Lines and to produce AAV vector material at consistent yield and quality.


With the ELEVECTA™ technology AAV titers of more than 1E15 vg/l and more than 30% full particles are achieved in crude harvest using optimized processes.

Single step scale-up from 15 ml to 10 L stirred tank bioreactors and further scale-up to 200 L have been demonstrated without any product loss showing the robustness of the process.

Cloning from a polyclonal pool to a monoclonal single cell often results in a 10-fold increase in titer.

AAV Titers of >1015 vg/L and >30% Full Particles in Crude Harvest

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