Cologne, Germany, September 23, 2014

CEVEC Pharmaceuticals, the developer and licensor of the CAP Technology today announced the extension of its CAP Technology business portfolio by offering cGMP compliant Contract Manufacturing Services.

CAP-derived clinical materials comprising recombinant proteins, vaccines and gene therapy vectors are now directly available from CEVEC to support Phase I+II clinical studies.

The CAP manufacturing joint venture with Lisbon based GenIbet operates state of the art cGMP manufacturing capabilities and allows for a one-stop offer for CEVEC customers in need of preclinical and clinical development of CAP Cell-derived materials.

First CAP-based clinical material has already been produced by the GenIbet facility.

“Our vision is to become the leading independent player for human cell line based clinical materials. This is the next step in growing CEVEC along the value chain. The Contract Manufacturing business will be under the leadership of Frank Ubags, who recently joined us as COO. Frank has an impressive track record in the biopharmaceutical sector in establishing and implementing growth strategies” stated Wolfgang Kintzel, CEO at CEVEC.

About CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH – www.cevec.com
CEVEC offers the human amniocyte based protein expression platform CAP for the transient and stable production of superior Biopharmaceuticals, CAP Cells are immortalized suspension cells for stable protein production developed by CEVEC. This non-tumor origin cell line exhibits high protein expression, has been adapted to serum-free suspension culture and shows post-translational modifications that are human-like, including authentic human glycosylation patterns. The technology allows for superior yields of complex (glyco-) proteins in a shorter time frame than traditional methods and has proven to be a versatile production platform for gene therapy vectors, viruses and vaccines.


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